Social Commitment

Received the 6th National Civic Service Award

President Securities Group has been a long-standing supporter of important social charitable activities and, for its efforts, has been recognized with the 7th annual

Award and the 6th National Civic Service Award, and Top 50 by the Commonwealth magazine in 2013, 2015、2016 and 2017. The Company has taken concrete actions to cooperate with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families from 2007 to 2017 to help children from financially challenged families with their studies. The Company also mobilized all employees and customers for joint participation and invested actual funds and various equipment to social welfare activities to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. The Company raised a total of NT$2.3 million from 1,226 participants in 2019.

Since 2001, the Company has organized all employees as well as allowing customers to participate in the 'Love Delivery Activities' that provide children from financially challenged families with scholarships. A total of approximately 8158 elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school students were beneficiaries. The activities have provided school children from poor families with opportunities to explore different academic disciplines for their own development and growth.

The Company organized the first employee blood donation event in 2006 and received a passionate response. Starting in 2007, the Company has organized two employee blood donation events every year and expanded the event to include community residents who have provided strong support. Starting in 2010, the Company organized three blood donation activities every year and a total of 244 bags of blood were donated in 2019. A total of 3,517 bags of blood have been donated from 2006 to 2019 and the Company has become a permanent partner of the Blood Center. The Company receives a letter of gratitude and commendation from the Blood Center every year.

President Securities Corp. upholds the spirit of 'giving back to the community what we take,' and we continue to dedicate ourselves to helping disadvantaged groups and to promote social welfare activities.