In 1988,Uni-President Enterprises Corp. forged an alliance with various well-established businesses in many different industries; namely President Chain Store Corp., Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd., Delta Electronics Group, Eslite Enterprises, and Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd. The alliance collectively formed what is the forerunner of the listed company “ President Securities Co., Ltd.”. The corporation assumed a new name, President Securities Corporation.(PSC) in March 1989. It officially entered the securities market on April 3, 1989. In September 1991, through the acquisition of nine other brokerage firms, President Securities corporation. became one of the leading securities houses in Taiwan. In the recent years, it was also the largest acquisition in the market. The well-managed process later became a strength of President Securities corporation.’s M&A capabilities; it also started a spate of merger and acquisition in the securities market. The series acquisitions in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, and 2001 have allowed President Securities Corporation. to become a well-established network of branches numbering 31 locations.

As an indication of its commitment to quality, President Securities corporation. was the first Asian securities agency to achieve the ISO 9002 service certification in December 1995. In March 1999, it passed the rating evaluation of Taiwan Ratings Corporation, and thereafter sustained a credit rating of long-term twBBB and short-term twA-3 in consecutive years of 2000, 2001, 2002. and 2003.

In Jun. 2020, we received a long term credit rating of twA and a short term credit rating of twA-1, and the ratings outlook was “Stable”.

Recently, President Securities corporation. has expanded its activities to include capital management, investment trust, future commodities, and has also established a Hong Kong subsidiary. General operations pursue a diversified business goal. The stable development of our professional job specialization and resource sharing management systems are gradually turning our dream of becoming the total financial service group into a reality.