Business Philosophy

Uni-President Securities Corp. strives to provide value to Taiwan’s investment community with a spirit of sincere service and relentless dedication. We aim to grow and prosper along with our clients by assuring that the services that we provide can become long-term relationships that our clients can trust and depend on


  • The spirit of the Uni-President Corp. Uni-President Securities Corp. strives to uphold the tradition of Uni-President Enterprises Corp. Which emphasizes “good quality, good credibility ,good service and fair prices.”We hope to provide a human touch as well as professionalism by providing the appropriate services and products.
  • Safeguarding the interests of the clients Our robust transaction systems ensure that each transaction complies with our strict internal audit and risk management needs , thereby keeping our transactions secure and safe.
  • High Service standards Our strong customer-service orientation is supported by a professional training program that constantly enhances our human capital and service quality. We satisfy customer demands through our zero-defect services.
  • Diversified professional services To meet the increased demand for wealth management, Uni-President Securities Corp. has committed to offer a wide-range product scope such as agency services, underwriting, proprietary trading, stock register and transfer agency, bonds, warrants, future commodities, various investment funds, and offshore and domestic investment consultation. We are committed to become the premier service provider in this regard.
  • Worldwide networking Relationships with offshore agencies, cross-industry strategic alliances, new product development and promotion, as well as our reinvestment offices in Hong Kong and China bring us closer to international capital markets, and develop our international financial management investment services.