Business Development Strategies

In an effort to establish our core competitiveness, it is essential that we have a clear
understanding of future trends in the securities industry and then establish a corresponding business development plan. We must also develop strategies that will allow us to accommodate business areas newly approved by regulators so that we are in a position to move quickly in these new markets. Accordingly, we see our business developing in the following ways:


  • Continue to recruit exceptional talent, and thereby improve our competiveness and, in doing so, increase our market share.
  • Implement risk management practices and technologies, thereby improving profitability and stabilizing overall business operations
  • Improve IT and enhance e-business infrastructure.
  • Offer professional asset management and provide personalized financial planning services.
  • Develop foreign market to maximize proprietary trading profit
  • Be ready to move on market liberalizations and, in particular, business opportunities across the Hong Kong-PRC-Taiwan market.
  • Groom talented researchers and thus raise our abilities in designing new products.
  • Move forward with consolidation within the President Group, thereby enhancing our securities business and financial services.
  • Build and maintain alliances with financial institutions and corporations outside of the finance industry, relationships that allow for mutual cooperation and mutual benefit.